Table Games

There are two main factors in why casinos refer to some games as table games and one or both of these reasons may apply to any particular casino or casino site.

The first factor may be due to the legislation or regulations requiring what games that they can offer. Some sites and locations only allow electronic games and not table games, so if there is no jurisdiction or barrier to these games in a location, the casino is more than happy to promote the fact that they have them.

The other reason to promote table games is to make sure that people understand that these are the games that are not wholly played on computer equipment./ This may not be as important when it comes to online casino sites but in a real casino, there are plenty of folk that much prefer to play with a real live dealer around a table as opposed to playing on a machine. Even if the games on offer are the exact same, there will be people who prefer to choose the real live element.

This can be seen in the increase in table games on offer at online casinos that have a real live casino dealer involved. Games like roulette blackjack and even poker/card games are being played out on screen with a real dealer. This ensures that players get the best of both worlds when it comes to their online casino options.

Table games on offer from Titan Casino include: