Titan Casino Games

With more than 400 games to choose from, there is no excuse for not finding a game that you enjoy and want to play on the Titan Casino site. If you can’t find a game that you enjoy, it may well be that you are not a fan of casino games and that you have no business being on an online casino site. However, if you do believe that you are in the right place, this is definitely a casino site that will offer you everything you could ever want and a whole lot more.


Thrill SeekersWhen it comes to casino games, slots will always be the most popular option. There are lots of different slots to choose from and no matter what style of slots you like; Titan Casino will not let you down. Given that Titan Casino work in association with Playtech, there is a wide range of slots to choose from. Whether you prefer the classic three reel and one payline style of traditional slots or you prefer the more modern 5 reel slots with 243 ways to win, there will be more than enough on offer. Playtech have also supplied some slots with 9 reels and you will find these on Titan Casino so if you are looking for the widest selection of slots, this is the online casino for you.

New Games

When it comes to playing games, it is understandable that many players want to keep in touch with the newest and latest games. Whether you get bored quickly or you are fascinated with the innovation that can be found in modern casino games, this section is the one for you. There are new games appearing on Titan Casino at all times so if you are looking to find the best selection of games before they appear on other online casinos, this is the place to be.

Blockbuster Games

One of the best things about the Playtech range of games, and therefore one of the best things about the range of Titan Casino games, is the fact that there are so many big names to choose from. If you want to play the biggest blockbuster games based on your favourite TV shows, characters and films, you will find this section to be of interest. Playtech has a solid reputation for offering a wide range of games based on Marvel characters but there are plenty of other great slots and arcade games based on your favourite films and personalities over the years.

Roulette Games

Titan Casino Online RouletteThe roulette table is one of the most exciting places to be in a casino and you can capture this feeling and the level of excitement by playing roulette games at Titan Casino. There is a range of roulette options available at Titan Casino so whether you love traditional European or American roulette or you fancy something a little bit more out of the ordinary, you will find it all here.


While the premise and concept of blackjack is extremely simple, it can be a devilish game to play and a very tricky one to master. This is why many players find themselves coming back for more consistently with the range of blackjack games on Titan Casino. From traditional blackjack to the variations of the game which add further drama and excitement, with the opportunity to win big prizes, you’ll find everything you need right here.

Classic Games

The Classic Games section on the Titan Casino is a big catch all for the rest of the casino games that the site offers. This means if you haven’t heard or read of your favourite online casino site just yet, don’t worry as there are still plenty more casino games on offer with the site.

Live Dealer Casino Games

Titan Casino Live RouletteOne of the biggest areas of innovation with online casino games in recent years has come through the development of live dealer casino games. Anyone that likes the idea of playing casino games at home but feels the lack of engagement and interaction with other people is a let-down should find that the live dealer casino games offer a great deal of benefit. Whether you are looking for the added security of knowing that a person is involved with the running of the game or you are looking to chat to one of the highly professional and talented dealers, there will be a lot on offer with this range of games.

Video Poker

Video Poker took a good few years to take off in the casino industry but by the time people were comfortable and confident with home computer games, video poker had become a huge hit. For players that love poker, have all the skills but don’t like the human interaction, video poker is likely to be the best addition to an online casino. Titan Casino has a wide range of video poker options so you can utilise your poker skills and knowledge to the limit on site.

Arcade Games

Titan Casino Arcade GamesSometimes you want to turn your brain off a little and have some fun with your leisure time and this is where the range of arcade games on the Titan Casino site comes to the fore. These games offer plenty of action and excitement, which will guarantee that you have plenty of fun with the games that you play on site.

Table Games

When it comes to capturing the experience of a real trip to the casino, you will not find a better way to do so than by playing table games. This is where the range of table games on offer at Titan Casino will help you to make the most of your leisure time from the comfort of your own home.


When it comes to casino games, craps should be one of the most popular as it offers the most attractive odds and house benefit for players. If you are playing tactically or with one eye on the likelihood of winning, craps should be a game that is never far from your run of play. The game itself is a fun and enjoyable game and things usually get a bit intense at the craps table when you get on a roll.

Flash Games

Adobe FlashThe Flash Games on offer provide a fast and fun way to play without having to download any software. Whether you are looking to play on a different computer or you are keen to grab some simple casino fun, this is the perfect range of games for you to play.

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpot games are the games you should play if you are looking to make big money. The odds of winning a progressive jackpot game are not in your favour but winning one will change your life forever, which is why so many people are keen to take part in these games. If you feel that today is your lucky day, progressive jackpots on Titan Casino provide the perfect solution.